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They're finally here! This is our BIGGEST EVER PRESET PACK, including 12 unique Presets to cover all bases, designed for editing straight from your phone.

  • Our BIGGEST & BEST pack ever!
  • Bright & vibrant to make your photos pop
  • Get our look ~ these are the EXACT presets we use @saltyluxe
  • Includes 12 unique Presets
  • Tailor made for mobile editing 
  • Minimal editing required
  • Mobile Installation Guides Included
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom CC's FREE MOBILE APP
  • Perfect for JPEG images taken on your phone OR simply editing via your device

Apply any of our presets to your own photos with only a few MINOR tweaks via the FREE Adobe Lightroom app. These exact presets are applied to every Salty Luxe image & form the basis of our own unique editing style, so expect vibrant colours & crisp edits. 


How do I install?

Installation is easy!

Immediately upon purchase you will receive everything you need to get you set up, including a step-by-step Installation Guide, as well as your unique download link to receive your preset files.

You can also visit our FAQ PAGE for further support.


What's included:

SALTY’S FAV: My go to & most used ~ a beautiful preset to edit any style of pic!

SELFIE: The perfect selfie filter to compliment your natural beauty. For gorgeous skin tone & complexion.

BOHEMIAN: The most delicious earthy hues to compliment people & landscapes.

RETRO VIBES: A retro grade filter with grain & nothing but good vibes to suit all occasions.

BRIGHT & WHITE: Crisp bright images without overexposing or compromising on colour

INTO THE WILD: Your bestie when editing natural landscapes

MAKING WAVES: Ocean lovers unite! + works beautifully with underwater imagery

OCEAN: Your go to for water landscapes. I use this filter for drone pics too!

SUMMER: Perfect for a wide range of landscapes, including cities, beaches & natural settings

FADE: Add a soft fade / matte look

SUNSET: Soft pastel vibes for a more natural glow. Highly recommend to enhance rich & vibrant sunsets

B&W: Ultimate black & white with just the right amount of soft fade & grain 

 every image is different i.e. shot in VARIABLE lighting situations, at different times of day & have been taken at different locations. You will simply need to adjust things like temperature & tint, as well as exposure, to achieve your desired style.

Presets have been designed so that at least 1 preset will work for almost any photo ~ not every preset will be a perfect fit. This is because all cameras & of course, all photos are different. Our presets will create an incredible base for you to adjust to your own taste & create epic content.

*Please note, depending on your mobile device, you may or may not be able to download & unzip the files straight to your phone. In the case of being unable to download directly to your phone, you will need to download & unzip the folder to a computer first, then transfer the files to your device, before following our in depth installation guide to install your new presets to the Lightroom CC app. 


*Mobile presets are DNG Files




Loving my saltyluxe prints. I was able to choose the size and material that I wanted and had no issues with the payment or shipping process. Looking great on the wall and I will be buying more later in the year.


I've been using the saltyluxe lightroom presets since the first release. There's a preset for just about any image. I was able to purchase and setup the presets with ease & having them available on desktop & mobile is a bonus.