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They're finally here! This is our BIGGEST EVER PRESET PACK, including 12 unique Presets to cover all bases, designed for editing straight from your computer & best suited to RAW format images.


  • Our BIGGEST & BEST pack ever!
  • Bright & vibrant to make your photos pop
  • Get our look ~ these are the EXACT presets we use @saltyluxe
  • Includes 12 unique Presets
  • Tailor made for desktop editing
  • Minimal editing required
  • Installation Guides Included
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Perfect for brands, semi professional & professionals wanting to take their photos to the next level


Apply any of our presets to your own imagery with only a few MINOR adjustments. These exact presets are applied to every Salty Luxe image & form the basis of our own unique editing style, so expect vibrant colours & crisp edits. 


How do I install?  
Installation is easy!
Immediately upon purchase you will receive everything you need to get you set up, including a step-by-step Installation Guide, as well as your unique download link to receive your preset files. You can also visit our FAQ PAGE for further support.  


What's included:

SALTY’S FAV: My go to & most used ~ a beautiful preset to edit any style of pic!

SELFIE: The perfect selfie filter to compliment your natural beauty. For gorgeous skin tone & complexion.

BOHEMIAN: The most delicious earthy hues to compliment people & landscapes.

RETRO VIBES: A retro grade filter with grain & nothing but good vibes to suit all occasions.

BRIGHT & WHITE: Crisp bright images without overexposing or compromising on colour.

INTO THE WILD: Your bestie when editing natural landscapes.

MAKING WAVES: Ocean lovers unite! + works beautifully with underwater imagery.

OCEAN: Your go to for water landscapes. I use this filter for drone pics too!

SUMMER: Perfect for a wide range of landscapes, including cities, beaches & natural settings.

FADE: Add a soft fade / matte look.

SUNSET: Soft pastel vibes for a more natural glow. Highly recommend to enhance rich & vibrant sunsets.

B&W: Ultimate black & white with just the right amount of soft fade & grain.

 every image is different i.e. shot in VARIABLE lighting situations, at different times of day & have been taken at different locations. You will simply need to adjust things like temperature & tint, as well as exposure, to achieve your desired style.

Presets have been designed so that at least 1 preset will work for almost any photo ~ not every preset will be a perfect fit. This is because all cameras & of course, all photos are different. Our presets will create an incredible base for you to adjust to your own taste & create epic content.

Important Note: Please make sure you have updated Adobe Lightroom to the most recent version as our preset files are only compatible with the new 2020 Lightroom Update.

Desktop Presets are .xmp files (previously .lrtemplate file)



Loving my saltyluxe prints. I was able to choose the size and material that I wanted and had no issues with the payment or shipping process. Looking great on the wall and I will be buying more later in the year.


I've been using the saltyluxe lightroom presets since the first release. There's a preset for just about any image. I was able to purchase and setup the presets with ease & having them available on desktop & mobile is a bonus.